Wedding Photography

Candid Photos

Our professional photographers always lookout for a different angle or those personal moments that define the day. It is un-posed and unplanned, immediate and unobtrusive.

Montage videos

The video will be shot in DSLR cine camera with wide angle, tele, block, prime lenses and slider, Steadicam (Glide cam) and the Output will be given for 5 to 6 mins in a cinematic style.

Instant photo prints

The group photos taken during the wedding / reception will be printed and delivered to your relatives / friends immediately

Outdoor Shoots

You can enjoy portrait sitting in the relaxed atmosphere of our studio or in an outdoor shooting to the places which you like to visit. These photographs can be added to your regular photo books or it can be also printed in a separate photo book, We can also arrange for the trip, travel, professional makeup and hairstyling services on your demand.


We click the best shot at the right moment covering rituals at different occasions. We were into the field of more than a decade we don't miss to capture even the smallest thing.


We provide our customers with the best cinematography services. We use cine cameras and full HD cameras (DSR 400, and NX5, Ex1r, EX3) which doesn't need more numbers of harsh yellow lights which are generally used in video coverage.

Zimmy Zib, Trolleys, Sliders and Glidecams (Steady Cam)

Cinema style video setup at Weddings

Pre and Post wedding shoots

Photoshoot at exotic locations(customizable). They can be taken indoor as well as outdoor.

LED walls and TV

Big sized screens for a further and greater viewing experience.

Video Gallery

Beautiful Indian Wedding of Aravind РSavitha 5:15

Beautiful South Indian wedding montage of guna weds shyamala 4:46


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